Social Responsibility

Clarity Business and IT Solutions feels strongly about giving back to the community. The team support various causes and charities in order to “pay it forward”. If you would like to donate or find out more about these causes, click the links below.

Beating Poverty through Children’s Education

In 2020, Clarity’s Director Jayson Hawke climbed Mt Kilimanjaro.  During his trek, he stayed at The School of St Jude in Tanzania.  Poverty in Tanzania is endemic, 70% of people live on less than AU$2.5 a day. Over two thirds of Tanzania’s children are not in secondary school and cannot access skilled employment.  St Jude’s provides a free, high-quality education to children who — due to poverty and social pressures — would otherwise be unlikely to complete their schooling.  Education lifts people out of poverty and creates stable and growing economies.  Many of the graduating students from St Jude’s have become teachers themselves, continuing the gift of education that every child has the right to receive.  Clarity is directly supporting the education of students at St Jude’s through sponsorship and special fundraising events.  So far, we have raised enough to fund the full education of three students and we don’t want to stop there!  For more information or to make a donation please visit

Neuroblastoma Research

Neuroblastoma is an aggressive childhood cancer and survival rates for the aggressive types are around 50%. Children diagnosed with neuroblastoma are on average just two years old. In 2018, Clarity’s CEO Julie Hawke and her brother raised over $10,000 through a charity motorcycle ride across the Kimberley region of Australia for ongoing research and treatments for Neuroblastoma.  For more information on Neuroblastoma or to make a donation please visit

Cardiovascular Disease Research

Cardiovascular Disease is Australia’s #1 killer. The Heart Research Institute (HRI) carries out vital research in the areas of:

  • Early detection of heart disease.
  • Development of new drug therapies.
  • Training of cardiovascular researchers.
  • Connecting cardiovascular research communities.

Clarity has been regularly donating to the HRI for over ten years.  For more information or to make a donation please visit