World-class business consultants

An organisation’s management, risk and technology needs must be aligned with its business goals.  This is an essential element in contemporary business management. Clarity Business and IT Solutions provides planning assistance and objective advice that delivers real business results.

Clarity has a national delivery capacity of experienced, accredited and capable consulting professionals who are passionate about helping businesses achieve growth and increased competitiveness through the smart and practical application of strategic business and technology fundamentals. Clarity enables businesses to access new markets, secure higher value contracts and increase revenue.



Clarity’s business consultants work with organisations to shape and define their enterprise. We work in partnership to define the desired future state of the organisation, map the business processes, the change effort, the business architecture, and technology components required to support and enable the business to achieve its future state.

This is all completed against a framework of risk management to provide confidence that the forward course being charted is viable, fit for purpose, and will lead to the benefits being sought.

We provide effective change management and training to embed systems and processes within the DNA of your business so that your management and staff understand the purpose, how it will help them, how it delivers better value for your clients and improved returns for the business.

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Our Clients

Our clients are our reason for being. Many of our clients are happy to provide Clarity with referrals and testimonials to our service provision. We are happy to be associated with such an array of professions and industries such as:

  • Fire and safety evacuation training
  • Mining and resources
  • Health & hospital ICT design
  • Human service
  • Law enforcement
  • Tourism
  • State government technology providers
  • Local councils

Our broad scope of experience across these industries enables us to advise with confidence on the most contemporary, strategic, technical issues and trends.

Client Testimonials

"Clarity is a phenomenal asset for any business.  Their consultants have the unique skill sets of using humble humanness to lead, drive and strategically set the scene , informing the business on what is required to get to their desired state, all whilst managing the project milestones, deliverables and people engagement challenges.  Linking and translating business strategy and customer experience objectives to IT business requirements. Clarity goes above and beyond to get to the deliverables required, becoming part of the team to drive implementation. A good investment, a good connector and they love what they do. A great operator for any project.” Tania McNaught – General Manager Business Development – Greyhound Australia 
“When I had a challenging project involving merging another organisation, Clarity came on board to manage the project and provide governance from end to end. Clarity’s work was consistently professional, reliable and on time. The result of this lengthy project was completely transformational. Clarity are easy to work with and their high level capacity for solving really big problems is second to none. I am confident to recommend Clarity to new clients who are seeking to manage change or projects for the development and sustainability of their organisation.”  Jillian Fox – General Manager Operations (fmr) — Dementia Australia, Qld Division

About Us

Clarity consultants are highly experienced, qualified, operational managers and have expertise in implementing streamlined processes and systems within an organisation.

Our Vision

The Clarity Business and IT Solutions vision is to work together with our clients to help them achieve their business growth objectives secure in the knowledge that their business risk is minimised and that their management systems are practical, compliant and supported by the appropriate technology.

This is achieved through the provision of credible, qualified business planning, information, support tools and technology which enable the business to focus on achieving their core objectives.

Our vision for our internal staff is to establish a core of highly competent business consulting professionals, driven to attain their goals through the delivery of high quality work and the understanding that what they do each day does make a difference.

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Tame the Compliance Beast

Take control of your Compliance Requirements


Tame the Compliance Beast (paperback book) $27.95 + $9.00 postage

Order your copy of the brand-new book by Clarity’s CEO Julie Hawke and learn how good compliance management can benefit and grow your business.


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